[Restock] Goldfish Glass (small) has arrived (Kuraku Temple Corporation)

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The Glass of Kimi-chan's Goldfish of Kurako Temple is restocked!

Cute goldfish glass
This is just the size of the beer glass, just like a tavern. We sold as a summer cup, but it was a very popular product. In response to your voice this time, it is a small amount but it has been restocked!

【Restock】 Goldfish Glass (Small) | Kuraku Temple

Writer beer glass

There is a softness that is likely swimming in the cup of a cute goldfish. The pattern of bubbles expressed with carbonated water. Movement and expressions are different and I can not get tired of looking for a goldfish. Handmade texture remains and is gentle around the lips, and drinks are more delicious.

Goldfish glass cup

Mr. Iwazawa, who is working with a glass workshop at the Kamakura Kamakura.

Glass writer's studio visit

It is a wonderful workshop that winds from the sea near Eno Electric World Temple Station. If you're going to get in touch with you, please take a look at it.HereFrom

Cute goldfish cup
From now on, there are many gatherings such as Christmas and the end of the year. This year's drinking at home should increase (!) First of all,In a refreshing autumn sky, how about looking at autumn leaves?

The product of Kirako TempleHere

Glass of the studio in the Kurakuraku temple

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