Daisuke Tomimoto, a quaint container with both design and use

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Daisuke Tomimoto, who makes Japanese vessels with a deep taste of soil.We will also handle the work at our shop.We interviewed Mr. Tomimoto, who is active in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.

常滑散歩道 Chimney on the Tokoname Sanpo Road

Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.It is one of the representative pottery producing areas in Japan, but Daisuke Tomimoto's parents' home is also the pottery.Although it was an environment where ceramic art was familiar, I can study at the Faculty of Business Administration of Aichi University. After working for a credit union for two years, he entered the field of ceramic art.

I want to move people's hearts with my own actions, "I'm adolescent. It is certain that they met.I've always liked making something. And since my house had soil and a kiln, I think I started making it. "Mr. Tomimoto.He said he didn't have a clear intention at first, but now he loves pottery.

When I first started using Mr. Tomimoto's vessel, I remember taking a breather at the beauty of his expression.I remember that I got the impression that the astringent and shining personality was comfortable while being simple.


To make the color a little dull, the soil is a blend of Tokoname soil, semi-porcelain soil, and amber soil.Soil, which is also colored soil, is added to reduce water absorption.

"I'm attracted to things that are natural but difficult. First of all, I want to make them easy to use, wash, and maintain. And I wish I could create a design that wouldn't be overwhelmed by fashion." I would like to make my own Japanese tableware with an awareness of "use". "


Mr. Tomimoto's works that seem to have existed naturally.I feel the seasons every day and try to bring out the deep beauty and functionality of Japanese tableware, and I am approaching my ideal shape through trial and error.

Tops drawn with red and iron paintings. I will paint while turning the potter's wheel.Tops have long been popular as auspicious patterns that continue to rotate forever.

Ash glaze iron picture 5 inch rim plate


The iron contained in the clay is oxidized during firing, and the black spots = iron powder are expressed.
The kiln change adds spices to make it cool and quaint.


The ring line (rinsen) drawn in Kuresu, which is calm on a dull base, has a classical atmosphere.

5 inch bowl with ash glaze dyeing ring wire


7 inch flat plate with ash glaze dyeing ring wire


The slightly orange color that appears on the edges, etc., is a gentle color due to the reaction with the soil because it uses a glaze that has more water than usual.


3 inch plate with ash glaze double wire
3 inch plate with ash glaze picture red picture x iron picture line


The beauty of the stripped-down Japanese and the warm texture of nature seem to push up the daily dining table. We value the basic shape of Japanese tableware that has been popular for a long time. It is a vessel with the creator's desire to make something that the user can feel something.

The list of works handled by Daisuke Tomimoto is Here

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