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Just looking at the appearance of the animals, I'm a young writer's young writer Meiji, a young writer who is likely to warm. It is called an elephant fitA work is made in the technique. I was talking about various stories in order to handle this time!

濵 濵 動

Mr. Kamida who liked to make things from old days, admission to Musashino Art University Crafts Industry Design Department. One way at universityAfter experiencing the class, it is a system that decides the screening course, and as one of them "ceramic"I learned that I started pottery.Touching and settled down,I know what to do with nature"soil"It seems that the material is the most compatible with yourself.At the time of a child"Nendachi" with the sticky soil found on the cliff near the houseNamed, make a small bowlRemember that it was baked at the house wood stove,He felt destiny and he thought that he wanted to continue even after graduating from university. When I'm talking, I feel that the origin of the creation is a different experience of the childhood colored darkly into her work.

When I was a child, Mr. Masada who grew up in the foot of Yatsugatake where majestic nature spreads. This animal series is a deer and a dog who met in a winter forest, such as a dog that has come to now.Remember and enjoy while having fun.

濵 う う う う

An elephant fit is a place where the ditch was carved or pushed with a tool made by bamboo etc.A technique for embedding soil different colors and making a pattern.

Tools at the time of production
Embarrative tool
7-plate mail order of 嵌 濵 嵌

It has been created by first thinking about the size and shape that can be used in daily life so that you can usually use it and use it.

The soil is a saturating soil. Gray is a transparent and is a sloppy texture.

濵 う う う う

Bear parent and child 5 mespill gray
Bear parent and child 7 incherish gray

Kasuda Ayane's 5 pieces (bear)

Yellow and Cocoa Brown Matt Matt. Glaze is the same, but cocoa brown is oxidized calcination and yellow is reduced.

※ Reduced calcination is a method of reducing oxygen in the kiles for oxidative calcination.

Wolf 5 mespill cocoa brown
濵 オ オ の

Yak 5 meteor shit yellow
Bear parent and child 5 mespirish yellow yellow濵 濵 (5)

From now on, I think that there is a deep depth of depth and is attractive. We look forward to the work of Mr. Shibata.

Kasuda Handling articleHere
濵 う う う selling

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