[2021] National Ceramics City · Craft Fair Held

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Every year, pottery city and craft city gathered information at various places across the country. A nice guy and miscellaneous goods that can only meet events. It is also attractive to be able to talk directly with the creators such as writer and Konimoto! In addition, there are many things to become a festival mood with the city and the street unique to the local gourmet and its land, and it is also very fun to look at the city.

There are many events that the details of the held corona infection have not been decided from last year. The shopkeeper should also update the latest information as much as possible, but changes or postponed and canceled according to the situation. Please check each organizer homepage and SNS for events that are concerned. (Update: June 4)

table of contents:
Okinawa, Kyushu
China Shikoku
Kinki · Chubu (previous year)
Kinki · Chubu (late)
Kanto, Tohoku, Other
▶ 2021 Spring Golden Week April-May Ceramics City · Craft Fair InformationHere

Okinawa, Kyushu

【Yachimun · Okinawa】 Yomitan Village (Yomotan Son) Yachimun pottery festival

February 4th Saturday and Sunday

February 27, 2021, February 28 (Sun) 10: 00-17: 00

A variance holding a venue is held.

Okinawa's largest guy of the ceremony city.

The city of the city that began in 1993 (pottery) city. The largest event in the pottery city in the prefecture of approximately 20,000 events.
Approximately 30 katsumoto and studio participated. There is also a sale or others experience.

Location: JA Farmers Market Yuta Market
Yomitan Yachimun City Executive Committee

TEL. 098-958-1020

[Yakita Yako · Saga] Arita pottery city

From late April to early May

2021 canceled
WEB pottery city is held from April 29Here

A historical pottery city held about 120 years ago.
The stalls are connected to the road about 4 km. During the period, there are events in the town in the town, and 1200,000 people from the whole country visit.

Arita pottery city
Source:Arita Tourism Association

In November, "Auto Arita Ceramic Festival" will be held.

Location: Every area around Yakitori Station start and off in town

Inquiry:Arita Chamber of Commerce
TEL. 0955-42-4111

【Hasaki Yakiyaki · Nagasaki】 Hasashi Soba Tenera Festival

From late April to early May

2021 postpone ※ Details later

Recently popular waves sees.

The main source and trading companies in the town of Hasami Soba Festival 130 exhibit, and this venue (Yakiso Park Square) is crowded with many visitors.
There are also events such as dragon demonstration and upper painting experience.

Hayasaki Festival
Source: Hasami Seminee Festival Association

Location: Yakisu Park Square
Inquiry:Hasami Seminee Festival Association
Tel. 0956-85-2214

【Imariaki · Saga】 Spring Kinmoto City

In the beginning of April

Okawa Uchiyama (Ogawa), which is known as "Sato no Sato". Approximately 30 元 出 出 出. Normal 2 to 5% cheap.

In early November, the "Nabejima Sakai Far Festival" will be held.

Location: Imari City Ogawa Nakayama

Inquiry:Imari Nabejima grilled cooperative
Tel. 0955-23-7293

【Karatsu Yaki · Saga】 Karatsu Yakin Festival

From late April to early May

2021 canceled
April 29 (Thursday / Congratulation) -An Online held on May 5 (Wednesday, Holiday)
Details later official site isHere

Held various events in Karatsu city center city.

Ceramic artists can hold the lord, towns and displays, etc. Collaboration with an immediate sale, restaurant and pottery.

Location: Karatsu City (Map the tourist association in front of Karatsu Station)

Inquiry:Karatsu Tourism Association in Karatsu Yakemon Festival Executive Committee
Tel. 080-2733-6589

[Obishihara, Fukuoka] Course Mira Festival

May (Spring Course Mura Festival) and October (Fall Course Mira Festival)

Canceled in spring of 2021

Paleoarbyaki and high tight pottery city. About 50 Kinomoto of Koishihara district is sold at normal two-tank cheaper during the period. Many people visit nationwide.

Culture village festival
Source: Higashi Momura official tourist information site Toho Style

Location: Oshihara area

Inquiry: The Festival Steering Committee (Higashi Muromura Chamber of Commerce)
Tel. 0946-74-2121

[Odakada Yako, Oita] Oshida Satoshi Festival

October 2nd Saturday and Sunday

10 hotels all of the potteries to participate, Kuradashi the memorabilia for this day. Many people visit because it is cheaper than the market.

Location: Oca Yakida no Sato
Contact: Hita City Tourism Association
TEL. 0973-22-2036

Koji Yako Co-op

【Yaki · Okinawa】 yard pottery festival

November holding

About 25 people in Naha City Ashiya Elementary School. Sales of yaki and pottery experience.
About 10,000 people visited and show a bustling.

Location: Naha City Ashiya Elementary School
Inquiry:Yoshiya pottery business cooperative 

Tel. 098-866-3284

[Satsuma Yaki, Kagoshima] Miyama Kinomoto Festival

In November

Satsuma-yaki, walk around each Kinomoto workshop with more than 10 Miyama districts.
Popular pottery city where about 100,000 people visit each year.

Miyama Miyama Mountain Festival
Source:Kagoshima Prefecture PR · Tourism Strategy Department Tourism Division Public Foundation Kagoshima Tourism Federation SiteThan

Location: Miyama district

Inquiry: Miyama Miyama Matsumoto Festival Executive Committee
General Incorporated Corporation National Tourism Association
Tel. 099-274-2112

[Ryumon Bushi, Kagoshima] Ryumon Bushion Ceramics Festival

December 2nd money, Saturday, and Day

Ryumon Bushion pottery festival

Held at Ryumon Bushief Company Union. About 10,000 points for sale.


A workshop by a pottery and a workshop by a pottery will guide you.

I love Yakiso, and there are many fans.

Location: Ryumon Bushief Company Union
Inquiry:Ryumon Bushief Company Union
Tel. 0995-62-2549

Shikoku, China

[Abrasive Bakiya, Ehime] Toruaki Festival

April 3rd Saturday and Sunday

2021 spring cancellation
Spring Londo Baked Tent City Schedule
(Details will be displayed later)

Online pottery city holding(April 29-May 15)Here

Abrasayuki Town Ceramic Road Yuta Park (First Park), Tobi Baku Traditional Industrial Hall, Tobe Town Commerce and Industrial Center (Second Venue), and nearly 100,000 visitors visit each year. About 100,000 works are provided at a maximum of 8 discounts from the market, "Abroad Yakidai Instant Seyday" held at the gymnasium in the park.

New exhibitions etc. are held at the second venue.

On November 1st and Sundays, "Autumn Torishiyaki Festival" will be held.

Location: Tobe Town Ceramic Road Yutari Park (First Places)

Inquiry:Linding Town Town Tourism Association

Tobe-cho regional promotion section
Tel. 089-962-7288

◆ ◆ Handling of abrasive part in our shop ◆ ◆ 
Ceramic potato (Dado Ceramic)

[Yako Yamaguchi] Mitsuraki Festival

Early May

2021 canceled
Plan for online salesHere

It takes place at the Sakai Citizen Gymnasium, and about 50 元 and wholesale retailer opened and held a large site.

About 30,000 visitors each year. There is also a role experience.

Location: Sakai City Gymnasium
Inquiry:Sakai Festival Executive Committee (in the Sakai Shoguni Conference)

Tel. 0838-25-3333

【Prepare · Okayama】 Prepare Burnt Festival

October 3rd Sunday and the Saturday of the day before

Held in the Architectural Traditional Hall and JR Akuho Nii Station and the Area in the Ibu area.

The shops of the pot and writers are lined along the former Sanyo Street. About 40 tent villages in the special venue are opened in the store. There is also a role experience. It is crowded with about 100,000 people in two days every year.


Source: From Okayama Tourism Federation site

Location: Bizen Yaki Traditional Industrial Center
Inquiry:Okayama prefectural preceding pottery meeting
Tel. 0869-64-1001

【Otani Yakisa · Tokushima】 Otani Yakui Festival

Held on the second Saturday, Sunday of November.

Held in the eastern House of Naruto City Cannaba-cho.

6 元 元 gathered, and about 2 to 3 discounts. There are many people from outside the prefecture.

Otani bury festival
Source: From the Cannabima Commercial Site

place:In the grounds of Toesito
Contact Us:
Cannabis Street Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 088-689-0204

Kinki · Chubu (previous year)

※ As Kinki, Chubu has many venues, the previous fiscal year, in the previous fiscal year.

[Mitsuko-Gifu] bumping pottery festival

April 2nd Sunday and the day before that Saturday

April 10, 2021 (Sat) -1 April 11 (Sun)

It takes place in Honmachi Orige Subtest area of ​​Tajimi City. Tajimi's mercy is a large street shop, and Mino-baking is sold at a large special price.
150,000 people visit in 2 days.

Big pottery festival
Source: From Tajimi City Site

Location: Honcho Origestrate District of Tajimi City
Inquiry: Big Ceramics Festival Executive Committee (Tajimi Ceramics Wholesaler Combet)
Tel: 0572-25-5588
Tajimi City Site
Major Golden Temperature Festival Website

◆ ◆ Handling in our shop Hand-grilled & east farsee writer ◆ ◆ ◆
Kaneko coached pottery
Yuto Ito

[Shigaraki Yaki / Shiga] Shinakuraku writer

Early May

2021 7Postponed on March 23 (Fri) to 25th (Sun)

Held at the Square of Shiga Prefectural Arts and Sun.

From all over the country, approximately 180 people and writers are gathered. About 50,000 people visiting about 50,000 people in 4 days.

Shinakuraku writer city
Source: Shigaraku Writer City Executive Committee

Location: Shiga Prefectural Art Forest · Sun Square
Inquiry:Shinakuraku Writer City Executive Committee

◆ ◆ Handling of Handling in our shop ◆ ◆
Furuya Ceramic

【Iga Yako · Mie】 Shin-Green Igusa Ceramics

Early May

2021 canceled

From the Traditional Industrial Hall to Haseganien, the pots are lined up.

Many people come from outside the prefecture. In the "Iga Yakida Traditional Industrial Center", which is the venue, free admission fee during the period.

Iga Sakai Ceramics Festival
Source: Iga City Hall Industry Promotion Department Tourism Strategy Division From Official Site

Location: Around traditional industrial hall
Inquiry:Iga-shaking cooperative Official FB
TEL: 0595-44-1701

◆ ◆ Iga's writer in our shop ◆ ◆
Yoshimura Naoko

[Mitsu-Saki, Gifu] Mitsuku Tsukunaki Festival

Early May

2021 canceled
April 28 = May 5thWEB Toki Mitsukaki Festival "
Width Hills SiteScheduled to link to

Held in Togahi City's weaving Hills (Toki Mitsuro Sense Sakai Commercial Park).
Ceramic production volume Japan's best. It is a large pottery city of 300 stores.

Approximately 3 million people visit each year. About 1 km "Ceramics, Kraft Writer Tent City" and Instant Sale.

place:Weaving Hills
Inquiry: Cooperative Tomoki Mitsuno Ensae Center
Tel. 0572-55-1322

◆◆Baked goods district◆◆
Recommended shops & places for Eastern farming district (Gifu, Tajimi)Here

【Kutanoyaki · Ishikawa】 Kotota Teacup Festival

Early May

2021 postponed
(Detailed information

Held at Kutani Ceramic Village Special Venue of Naomi City. A nearly 50 cars and wholesalers are lined each year.
About 200,000 people visit. Price is a market of 2% off the market. You can also enjoy local gourmet.

Location: Kutani Ceramic Village Special Venue

Inquiry:Kutani Teacan Festival Steering Committee
TEL: 0761-58-6656

【焼 · 三】 つ

May 2nd Sat and Sun

2021 (Saturday), May 8, 9th (Sun)Held at Yokkaichi Dome.

There are about 40 others and dealers in a historic pottery city for more than 50 years. Since it is sold at near market half-level prices, it will be crowded with nearly 100,000 people every year.
※ The year-roundIt will be held around the Sakai Shrine in the pottery town,2021 is held at Yokkaichi Dome.

Inquiry:※ It is a site of the Sakai Hall, which is operated by the union
Tel: 059-331-3496

[Echinaki Yako, Fukui] Echizen Ceramics Festival

May final Saturday, Sun, Moon
2021 canceled

Held in Echizen Ceramics Village. Approximately 60 元 in the prefecture sources new works. Over 100,000 people visit each year to sell Echizennoyaki at a cheap cheap.

Location: Echief Ceramics Village
Inquiry: Echizen Ceramics Festival Executive Committee (in Miyazaki Community Center)

Tel: 0788-32-2000

Kinki · Chubu (late)  

※ As Kinki, Chubu has many venues, the previous fiscal year, in the previous fiscal year.

【Kyoto · Kyoto】 Gajozaka pottery festival

Early August

Held in Gejozaka area of ​​Higashiyama Ward. It is also familiar with the art poem in Kyoto in a historic pottery, which starts from 19 years. There are also approximately 400 stores, including local Kinomoto and wholesale shops, but also from the whole country, and about 400 people. About 400,000 people are a large pottery city all over the country.

Source:Gojo Saka Ceramics Festival Operation CouncilFrom the site

Location: From Shimizu Goro Station (Shimizu Gorozaka Station)

Inquiry: Gojo Saka Ceramics Festival Operation Council
TEL: 075-541-1192 (Tape compatible)

◆ ◆ Handling writer in our shop that was opened ◆ ◆ ◆
Harukahara Harada

【Seto Yuka, Aichi】 Seiyo Festival

September 2nd Saturday and the next day Sunday

Held around Seto City. About 200 shops along the Seto River will be sold and sold separately.
It is full of about 500,000 people in two days. Nationwide largest pottery city.

Anyone Festival

Source:Seto City Tourism Information Official Site and Museum MuseumThan

Location: along Setogawa (Owari Seto Station)

Inquiry: In the Seto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Daiko and Festival Department
Tel: 0561-82-3123

[Iga Yakuya, Mie] Iga deer tyclone Festival

September final Friday-Sunday

Ayama Fabrica park held at Arayama.

Directly for the new work and limited items of approximately 40 others and pottery students.

Location: Ayama Fabrica Park Sakai Araya (Morning Park of Arayama Furusato Park)

Inquiry:Iga deer's Festival Executive Committee
TEL: 0595-44-1701

◆ ◆ Iga's writer in our shop ◆ ◆
Yoshimura Naoko's workshop I was disturbed!Here

[Shimizu Yako, Kyoto] Shimizu Yako town festival


October 3rd Friday-Sunday

Held at Shimizu Yakuchi no Sato "Shimizu Baked Place". A large pottery city that sells about 500,000 points.

Opening stores such as writer booths and food and drink space. About 60,000 people every year.

Location: Shimizu grilled area district
Inquiry:Shimizu grilled joint cooperative

Tel: 075-581-6188

[Shigaraki Yaki / Shiga] Ceramic Art Market

Two days of September

Making the worker, including "Meeting works and writers", which is the beginning of the working pottery, the high quality works will be sold. It is also nice to be able to get a direct communication with a writer around 100 people and can be purchased. There is also a delicious meal sale booth, and the spacious venue of nature is just walking and relaxing.

Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market

Art forest official site

Location: Held at Square of Shiga Prefectural Art Forest and Sun

信 信 Shigakuraku Ceramic Art Market 2020 HeldHere

[Shigarakiaki, Shiga] Shigaraki pottery festival

3 consecutive holidays including the day of October physical education

Held in Aichi Shigakuto-cho. Approximately 30 kiles and dealers in Yoko Station. In the ceramic forest, "Ceramic Art Market" where believers and nearby writers exhibit will be held. It is increasingly attracting attention in NHK morning dora "Scarlett".

Location: Yokoichi Ekimae and Shinanomachi Belt
Inquiry: Shigaraki seized management meeting
TEL: 0748-83-1755

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We asked for the showroom of Furuya Cartoon!Here

【Tamba Yako · Hyogo】 Tamba deer tyclone Festival
October 3rd Sat and Sun

Tsuchiyama Town Hall Imado branch (Yono) is about 40 criminal stores. Tambaaki will be sold at a special price. Holding events such as potato towns (Sue and Sue). Take a walk, and the oldest climbs of Tamba seic.

Tamba pottery festival
Source:Tamba deer's Festival Executive CommitteeFrom the site

Location: Sakiyama Town Office Imada Branch
Query: Tamba Erika Festival Executive Committee (Pickled Ceramics)

【Craft Fair · Osaka】 Gathering of light


Held in a Daito Park (Otishi Square) with a beautiful nature of Sakai City, who raised "teahouse". Making hands of professional ambers throughout the country, such as hand-work pottery, glass, wood, metal, dyeing, etc., are gathered. A fans are visited by fans from all over the country, with a carefully created kraft product that is not a mass production.

Source: From the lighthous collection site

Location: Daisen Park (Odorbei Square)
Query: Gathering Committee for Lights

Kanto, Tohoku, Other

[Craft fair · Aomori] Aomori Kraft Fair A-line

The year is held in July.

July 3 (Sat) -July 4th (Sun) scheduled to be held on July 3

Tohoku largest craft fair. Craft writers chosen from the whole country gathered.
A fun event that is held at Natural Moya Hills Auto Campsites and enjoying local diets.

Aomori Kraft Fair
Source: Source: Aomori Craft Fair Official Facebook

Location: Moyahlles Auto Campsite
Inquiry: A-LINE Secretariat (in general carrier)Official site
Tel: 017-722-8820

【Craft Fair · Shizuoka】 Arts & CRAFT Shizuoka Create City

Spring and autumn

April 10, 202 (Sat), 11th (Sun) held
Next time, October 9, 2021, 10th (Sun) will be held

Held at Kokuyo Shrine. It takes place in a green border and attracted attention writers from the whole country. There is also a stylish and delicious food opening. You can enjoy batching a day.

Shizuoka creation city

Location: Kokuoka Kokuyo Shrine
Inquiry:Arts & CRAFT Shizuoka Create City

▶ We went to the creation city of December 2020 (fall from autumn)!Here

◆ ◆ Handling writer in our shop that was opened ◆ ◆ ◆
Nakagawa Yuna
History of Watanabe 
Kurakuraku studio 
Kogyo Yoshinaga 

【Craft Fair · Tokyo】 Tokyo Sakai City

Twice a year ※ The next held will be undecided

"Tokyo Sakai City" sponsored by letters

In November 2019, the venue will be held from the previous Oi Racecourse to the Showa Memorial Park of Tachikawa.

There were over 200 stores such as old dot, old book, old clothes, miscellaneous goods, and more than 50,000 people have visited more than 50,000 people. In addition, in December 2019, held in Kansai. Craft fan attention event.

Tokyo Sakai City

Source:Letter companyFrom the site

Inquiry:Letter company
Tel. 042-444-5367

【Mashiko · Tochigi】 Mashiko pottery city

Spring: Golden Week

2021 spring cancellation
Masuko city will be held scheduled (pre-reservation required)Here
WEB pottery city (April 29-April 9)Here 
※ Proxy from April 22

Autumn: Scheduled to hold at the end of October

Held at each place of Mashiko-cho in the pottery city, which lasts from 1955.
Spring and autumn matching 600,000 people are more crowded with a large larvaler.
In addition to about 50 stores of dealers, Tent village will be sold separately from regular prices from daily necessities and art products. Writers' works are also sold, and the interaction with the making hand is fun.

Mashiko pottery city
From Mashiko Town Tourism Association site

Location: Each Office of Castle Sasaka

Inquiry:Ceramics City Executive Committee (Masuko-cho Tourism Association)
TEL: 0285-70-1120

◆ ◆ Mr. Mainzuko ceramic city, Mashiko Yako, Masuko, who is handled in our shopHereFrom◆◆
Enoki Karin (Shibata Hakuha Shibata
Kawabiri Ceramic 
Hiroko Samurai
Suzuki Shinobu
Hoshiyuki Hara
Hanshin Hanako
Wakasama ceramics
Hana Craft

◆◆Baked goods district◆◆
Masuko's Recommended Store & PlaceHere

【Kasama Yako · Ibaraki】 Human Ceremony Festival

Late April (during Golden Week)

April 29, 2021 (Thu) to May 5 (Wednesday)

Held at Kasama Art Forest Park Event Square. More than 200 potter, reseller, etc. gathered and sales of Kasama Yaki.
There are many ways to make and have a lot of stores, and conversations with ceramics and writers are also fun.

Human fire
Source: From Kasama's Ceremonic Festival Official Site

Location: Kasai Art Forest Park Event Square
Inquiry:Kasama Sakai Cooperation
TEL: 0296-73-0053

◆◆Handling of Kasama and Masuko Handling in our shopHere◆◆

[Kasama Yako, Ibaraki] Ceramics and life

Holding early in November

A new work and workshop by pottery who are active in the Kasama area at a special venue of Kasama craft.
Not only pottery but also various hand-work experience corner.

Ceramics and life
Source: From the ceramic and lives official site

Location: Samurai Craft Hill Special Venue
Inquiry: Ceramics and Secondary Office
e-mail toutokurashi@gmail.com
Ceramics and life

【Craft Fair · Nagano】 Craft Fair Matsumor

May final Saturday, Sunday

2021 (Sat), 30th (Sun) held on May 29

Held in Mori Mori Park in Matsumoto City.

To the motto to connect the things to "Tsukuru people" and "people who want to use", "who want to create something from now on".Many craft fans are crowded.

Matsumoto Craft FairSource:Go nagonoFrom the site

Location: Agate Forest Park
Inquiry:NPO corporation Matsumoto Craft Promotion Association

【Craft Fair · Kanagawa】 Fujino Tsuru Pottery City

May 3rd and Sunday

2021 canceled

Ceramics city held at the Public Sagamihara Midori Ward "Art of Art Fujino". Turtle the Atelier and the workshop.

Every year there is more visitors.

Guru pottery city
Source:Sagamihara Tourism Association SiteThan

Location: Fujino's workshop and atelier (with shuttle bus from Fujino Station)

Contact: Fujino Tourism Association
Tel: 042-684-9503
Fujino Guru pottery city official site

【Craft Fair · Chiba】 On Wow Art & Craft Fair Chiba 

June 1st Sat and Sun

2021 canceled

Held in Sakura Castle Park. I want many people to know that many writers are living in Chiba area, and I want to create a place for information exchange between writers, A writer with an edge gathers.

Source: わ わ わ わ わ ア ア クラ クラ クラ

Location: Sakura Castle Park

Inquiry:Niwa Wawa Art & Craft Fair Chiba

【Craft Fair · Niigata】 Sanjo Craft Fair


Held at Sanjo Pearl Metal Stadium. Sanjo City is a place where craftsmen's technology is attracting attention from the world famous for its hardware industry.
Many craftsmen and creators gather from nationwide, and exhibit handmade works such as woodwork and ceramics.

Sanjo Kraft Fair
Source:Niigata Tourism Navi(Niigata Prefecture Tourism AssociationThan

Location: Sanjo Pearl Metal Stadium
Inquiry: Sanjo Craft Fair Executive Committee
TEL: 0256-32-0365

【Craft Fair · Nagano】 Yatsugatake Craft City

Spring, summer and autumn holding

2021 scheduled
May 22nd (Sat) -23rd (Sun) Yukidake Spring City
July 9 (Fri) -11 (Sun) Sitty summer city

October 8 (Fri) -10th (Sun) Minori's Autumn City

Held at Hara-mura, Yatsugatake Nature Culture Garden, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture.
About 130 Handmade Craft Items in the large site of Yatsugatake Natural Culture Gardens.

Yatsugatake Craft Fair
Source:Haramura village site siteThan

Location: Yatsugatake Nature Culture Garden
Inquiry:Yatsugatake Craft City  

◆ ◆ Handling writer in our shop that was opened ◆ ◆ ◆
Lerriame workshop

【Aizumoto-Yaki, Fukushima】 And City

August 1st Sunday

Aizu's summer art poem in a traditional pottery city that continues from Meiji.
About 100 tents are opened in Seto Town Street. It ends at noon from 4 am in the morning.

About 30,000 people gather every year while short time.

Source: From Aizu Bako Business Cooperative Site

Location: Seto Town Street

Inquiry:Aizu Bako Business Cooperative
Tel: 0242-56-3007

[Craft fair, Miyagi] Craft fair in the city of Sendai,

October holding

Held at San Mall Ichibancho Shopping Street Arcade.
It is fun to interaction with the formulas such as pottery and daily goods.

Location: Sendai City Central San Mall Ichibancho Shopping Street Arcade
Inquiry:Craft fair in the city of Sendai and Sakai

【Craft Fair · Chiba】 Wind Craft in Action from the studio CRAFT in ACTION

October holding

2021 is scheduled on Saturday, October 30 (Saturday)

Held at Nipke Corton Plaza outdoor venue in Ichikawa City.
Crafts and crafts rooted in the lives through the selection store.
Nikke (Nippon Koji Co., Ltd.) is planned

Location: Nickelton Plaza
Inquiry:Wind Craft in Action from the studio

【Craft Fair · Saitama】 Torcolumn Market


2021 is scheduled on Saturday, April 24 (Sun)
※ Reservation system from official siteHere

Next time is held in November

Held in Airline Memorial Park in Variable Green Park, the birthplace of Aerial, a large green park.
About 100 exhibitors and performers and approximately 10,000 visitors will visit.
It is a craft art, food, farming, and music and fun events on the theme of "connected life and hand".

Tokorozawa Craft Fair
Source: From the Tokoro Market site to live

Location: Airline Memorial Park
Inquiry:Tokoro Market to live

◆ ◆ Handling writer in our shop that was opened ◆ ◆ ◆
Yu Yuya Machida 

Update date: May 31, 2021
From this year, there is also the influence of Corona, and the situation of the event will be changed, postponed or canceled. What is safety first. It is likely to change depending on the situation. Please contact each event organizer for details.

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