Arts & CRAFT Shizuoka Create City October 9 (Sat) and 10th (Sun) will be held on 10th! (Shizuoka)

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Arts & CRAFT Shizuoka Create City

Date and time: October 9, 202 (Saturday) 10th (Sun) from 9:00 to 16:00
Venue: Shizuoka Ashi Country Shrine

You can purchase works while talking directly with the letter of the focus on the selection of the selected from the country. There is also a stylish and delicious food shop, so it's an event that you want to spend slowly while enjoying and taking a break.

Exhibitor list (in the past):Official page 
The year round is held twice a year (April and October).

Shizuoka Create City Shrine

 420-0821 420-0821 Shizuoka City Juice 366

10 minutes by taxi from JR Tokaido Line "Shizuoka Station"
10 minutes walk from "Higashi Shizuoka Station"
A 5-minute walk from Shizuoka Railway "Yuki Station"
※ Please be careful because you can not use the visitor private parking lot on the day.

I went to Shizuoka creation city held in December 2020!

table of contents:
Writer introduction
Fashionable food corner that makes sense
2021 Next Holding Information

First day
The first day arrives at 16:00 closing. People who visited were sparse.
I was originally suspended in December because of the typhoon, and it may also be a factor that it was completely dark as it was nearly 16 o'clock. I asked for a writer of a meeting,It was also fortunate that it was blessed with the weather, or it is quiteIt was a success. It seems that there were also places where popular writers have already been sold ... Good! Let's go perfect for the start time tomorrow!


the 2nd day
The second day of the last day arrives about 8:30. The booth of maker and food corner is in preparation for opening, and it is not yet released. First of all, visit Shrine.

Shizuoka Fujin Shrine Handmade City

The forest that protects the vast space and shrine in front of the company!

Shizuoka Craft Fair

A safe atmosphere that drifts and beautiful light is gently inserted, and it is a peaceful and feelings with just walking.

Duck Gariko Chan also feels good and it looks like the sun.

Shizuoka Craft Fair Shrine
Shizuoka and creation city

Shinto shrine, Buddhist cabinet shop owner.
I felt good feeling like cleaning and started from morning.

Let's go to the writer's tent!

The tent of the hand is lined up in a quiet and calm space and a quiet and calm space. Well, the bliss time starts. Let's relax slowly.

Shizuoka Craft City

Takao Ishikawa

The breath leaks because it is simple and delicate work. At the same time as the launch, the popular writer has become a popular writer, and this day has been lost in no matter.


Mr. Fukuruan who is a craft of a criminal (Seiki) that is one of the traditional techniques of the Mitsuyaki in Gifu Prefecture. The retro atmosphere of Art Deco is very nice!


Carrier carrier

A booth of Kodama who already had a long line from morning.Despite stylish,It seems that Kodama's kind personality is showingOnly products that feel very warm.Apparently, it seems to have been sold out hardly on the first day, and it seems to have been left a little for customers who came on the second day.

 Carrier carrier

Mariya Mauea

Okayama mainly used the material of the material to use an antique-like tasteful depression.It is very modern even though Mishima and Ajin · shade is a bit of sake. Vintage tones are a little different from the atmosphere of the foreign country, and the item that drifts is somewhere else.

Mariya Mauea

Nakagawa Yuna

Mr. Nakagawa, who is producing in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture seems to be carefully made using masking tape. The world of modern retro tiles is stylishly incorporated into ceramics.It was also a good time to talk with Mr. Nakagawa who talks about the explanation of the work.

Nakagawa Yuna
Nakagawa Yuna

► さん Mr. Nakagawa's Uta is also handled in our shop.HereFrom


Aichi's brass cutlery, woodworking, Ayano-san, who is producing furniture etc.
It is a dish that is cheap enough to use delicate or smooth skin touch. We asked carefully how to keep in mind.


Furuya Ceramic (Hiroshi Furuya)

Furuya Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramics. Powdness with white makeup is warm, and it is a depression that also looks like a dish. Craft fairs are actively participating,Many people were crowded with many people in this event.I am looking forward to the relationship between the soil that feels like the soil of the soil is felt and used.

Handling in our shop of Furuya CartoonHere


Woodworker who is produced in the home studio of Aichi Prefecture. Woodworking launches carefully created by utilizing the original wood grain and texture, the more you use it. An article that feels warm is directed to fashionable. Mr. Hunahashi also carefully taught the characteristics and handling of woodworking.

Hunahashitomo Haru's tray

Ogura Natsuki

Mr. Ogura who is crazy that is powerful in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.The shadows of the brim showed the natural expression and very stylish in the white magnetism and gray cronchaos.

Ogura Natsuki


A little break at fashionable food corner!

Dining time while feeling the smell of trees and soils with a relaxed space. The number of nicely displaying shops will be fun just looking. It seems that there were few dining stores that cooked in the field due to the influence of corona, but I still could taste the atmosphere of a nice event.


NOGI farmers who are cafes with tomato farmers and vegetables taken in Shimizu Ward. Pizza carefully baked with the eye of the eye was delicious and the sweetness of tomato was delicious and it was not enough!

Daisy Coffee

A shop with a store with a store in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
It is carefully treated to reduce the size of the beans and burns up a small amount with a high temperature hand towel. It is a clear goodness that can be relieved.

Skywalker Bakery & Cafe

It was installed in a quiet place a little awayDiscover a pretty muffin shop! It seems that always runs a bakery in Shizuoka City.Hokkaido wheat, domestic butter, Amami sugar, aluminum free baking powder, etc. It was a very kind taste.


A shop where you can have a delicious coffee that has been home-roasted in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture.Provides full-fledged drip coffee. I went to the dry throat and dry throat!

Originally, it was postponed in December due to the influence of the typhoon. There is also measures against corona infection, and I think that the organizers are also used to hold different from usual. On the day, visitors have also enjoyed the distance between each other while having fun, and enjoyed it and enjoyed it and enjoying various booths with Blaabra. In Korona, there was a time when it was hard to be able to enjoy such a "fun while blurring", and it was a really valuable time.

Shizuoka and creation

Thank you to the organizers, all of the manufactured hand!


※ In the case of rainy weather, the principle is decided, but there was a time when it became successful or discontinued by a typhoon.Official instigationYaOfficial pageWe recommend that you see!


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