Waving Staring Ceramics Festival Fall of Festival Fall!

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Hasami-cho Maximum Baked Best Festival "Hasudo Mika Festival"This year, unfortunately, it was canceled due to the influence of new coronavirus infection expansion. Therefore, local sales companies, and towns are throttling wisdom, and various small-scale events matching new lifestyles are devised, such as timing and location, etc. One of the one is a small festival, so it is safe to reverse to the current time.

Hasaki Hayaki Aquarium Ceramics Festival


Event contents

September 18-22, October 23-24, November 20-24th Snowfish Festival
November 21-25 Sasami Inter Highway Autumn Festival
October 24-25, October 18-November 3rd (Autenant Week Week) Nakayama Fall
October 24-25 Uta DE Marche

etc. There seems to be a variety of other events.
Waves Storage Ceramics FestivalOfficial sitePlease check!

Instagram [Official] "Yakimono's town" It is also originated by Hasaki-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture.

If you are now enjoying, you can see the people who are looking for and running, let's get the courage (without permission)! I wanted to go if the shopkeeper also matched ... but this year is a bit impossible. I want to go next year absolutely!

What about enjoying a wonderful autumn season and infection measures?

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