Shigakuraku Ceramic Art Market (Shiga, Shigakuraku)

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"Ceramic Art Market" where only artists who are active or related to Shiga can open. It is a large pottery city where about 100 pairs appear every year.
Spring "Shinaku Writer City" will be opened from writers all over the country, but this is only the basic local artist. It is one of the pleasure to be excited by creating hands and local topics and information

Ceramic Art Market

Date: September 18, 202, 19th (Sun) · 20th (Mon)
9:00〜17:00 The last day is up to 16:30

Venue: Ceramics forestOfficial site
〒 529-1804 Shiga Prefecture Shigakuto-cho Flexible 2188-7

We will inform you including the pattern of last year who the shopkeeper was disturbed!
(Update: June 4, 2021)

Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market

[In the case of a train / bus]
From Shigakuraku Kogen Shindo "Shinagi Station"

Koka City Community Bus "Ceramics Forest Pretty" or "Ceramics Forest (Ceramics Preval)" Get off (about 5 minutes)

While being held, one bus operates from Shinagi Station in one hour 

From "JR Kusatsu Station"

Kusatsu Line Transfer "Yoshikawa Station" get off, Shigakuraku Kogen Shinkansen "Shinagi Station" get off, 20 minutes on foot (about 75 minutes)

[In the case of car]

From Keihan God

Meishin Expressway Kusatsu JCT → New Meishami Expressway From "Shino I.C." to about 8 minutes

From Nara, Wakayama

About 30 minutes from Nishi Niheacheng Automobile road → "Kiryuo I. C."

From Nagoya area

Tomei Osaka Expressway Kameyama JCT → New Meishami Expressway From "Shinjo I.C." to about 8 minutes

The parking lot has a space of more than 250 taps, but the first day was awaiting parking lot without going before starting at 9 o'clock. The shopkeeper went by car a while before 9 o'clock, but Green Safe ... (Sweat). Early, if the timing is bad, wait for 2 hours in a margin, and it is a Zara .... The afternoon and near the evening are open, but if you have a writer's work, we recommend in the morning of the first day!

About 100 writers gathered at the venue above the hill where the wind blows up.List of participating writers(Held in September 2020)

A writer who has been exhibited was about one more than about 10% from the usual year, but it was blessed with the weather for three days and a great success. Writers also enjoyed shopping for shopping with the disinfection of their own and other customers.

Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market

Many popular writers are also participating, and it is also possible to set a ticket system that the booth does not mix. A little bit, but I picked up the attention writers for your reference.

Masahiro Yamamoto

Yamamoto, which is coepmergent in Shigutakuto. I'm not looking at a delicate and carefully shaped hand-to-art man. It seems that food is also good.

Uda Yasuke
Gratitan is a nice gratan dish that seems to be useful for simmering cooking cooking and cooking. I am doing a ceramic in Shinakake-cho.

Uda Yasuke gratin tray

Furuya Ceramic (Kototani Hiroshi)
In ShigarakuchoFuruya Furuya, who led Mr. Koichi Furuya, was opened in a single tent in the deep space. He started with his masterpiece and a cute powdered bowl, and lined with a stylish pawn such as rusty, but popular products were sold in no time. There was a lot of bustling for 3 days and felt the popularity.

► Motoya Furuya Cupor's Utsuwa also handles in our shop.

Mr. Azu Kobo
An Azuko Kobo, who has a workshop with belief, is a workshop held by his husband's brave and Mr. Maki's Muki.Mr. Brave is made of the vessel and Maki is painting. Using Japanese paper, the color is transferred to the bowl and painted, and there is a taste depth like handmade stamp.

Annobe Kobo's Uta

Ebida (Naoko Murakami, Mr. Shirakai)
People gathered without hesitation, and the booth was a bowl of the bowl. Shirai's delicate object and Murakami's fashionable and antique-tune-style chopsticks are just looking at the breath.

Yamada House (Hiromi Yamada, Yamada Shigei)

A couple that is incorporated by belief. The pretty kid-chan's face and animals were written, and it was very popular and very popular. The booth was an entrance to a rearranging ticket, and it was a successful popular product that has already been sold in the first afternoon.

Atriji Nino (Wealthy Women, Seiko Wealth)

Popular artist who is incorporated by belief.
Maiden is a good product. It was crowded with a large number of people in search of the plague Locokolim.

HOM(Hey shop workshop: Yoshida Chiho His Hitsuji Hitsuji: Shoko Maeda)
It is a writer with a great belief with two people.
Mr. Yoshida who is warm and pop-texture is a popular KAO series, Mr. Yoshida, who is a cute KAO series, is popular. A customer who is looking for a good looking at the day. It became entrance to a numbered ticket.


Mr. Takeshi Miyazaki

It is crazy in Shiga Koka City. He makes me think that he is looking at the expressions of animals that are angry or surprised.

Rounding factory (Matsumoto Nihiro, Matsumoto Mioko)
Shinjo Maru Maru Association Buo. It is a very popular writer. My wife's love is a warm feeling. Even in the event of the event, I was sold out to the first day with a popular booth.


I enjoyed very much among the autumn sparkling weather. There is also a food booth, and the writer is also a very fun event.
Please go out if you have an opportunity.

Shikori store Lord

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