[2022] Information on the National Ceramics Market / Craft Fair

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Every year, the pottery market and craft market gathered information about the event in various places throughout the country. Nice containers and miscellaneous goods that can only be met at events.It is also attractive to be able to talk directly with the creators such as writers and kilns! In addition, there are many local gourmet foods and events and events unique to that area, which often creates a festive mood throughout the city, so it is very fun and recommended just to look at it.

There are many events for which the details of the event have not been decided due to the new corona infection. The shop owner will try to update the latest information as much as possible, but it is expected to be changed, postponed or canceled depending on the situation.Please check each organizer's homepage and SNS for the event you are interested in.
(Updated: April 6, 2022)

table of contents:
Okinawa / Kyushu  
Chugoku / Shikoku
Kinki / Chubu (first half year)
Kinki / Chubu (Late)
Kanto / Tohoku / Others

Okinawa / Kyushu

[Yachimun / Okinawa] Yomitan Village Yachimun Pottery Festival

4th Saturday and Sunday of February  

Distributed holding of different venues.

Okinawa's largest Yachimun pottery market.

Yachimun (pottery) city that started in 1993. The largest event in the prefecture's pottery market with about 20,000 visitors.
About 30 kilns and workshops participated. There is also a sales and potter's wheel experience.

Location: JA Farmers Market Yunta Market
Yomitan Yachimun City Executive Committee


[Arita porcelain / Saga] Arita pottery market

Late April to early May

April 29 (Gold) to May 5 (Wood), 2022

A historic pottery market held about 120 years ago.
Street stalls line the roadside for about 4km.During the period, there will be events in various parts of the town, and 1.2 million people from all over the country will visit.

source: Arita Tourism Association

The "Autumn Arita Ceramics Festival" is scheduled to be held in November.

Location: Around the pottery promenade starting from Arita Station and various places in the town

Inquiries: Arita Chamber of Commerce

◆◆ Arita porcelain handling at our shop ◆◆  
day kiln

[Hasami ware / Nagasaki] Hasami pottery festival

Late April to early May

April 29 (Gold) to May 5 (Wood), 2022

Hasami ware, which is very popular these days.

The Hasami Pottery Festival 130 is exhibited by kilns and trading companies in the town, and the main venue (Yakimono Park Square) is crowded with many visitors.
There are also events such as potter's wheel demonstrations and painting experiences.

Source: Hasami Ceramics Festival Association

Location: Pottery Park Square
inquiry:Hasami Ceramics Festival Association
Tel. 0956-85-2214

◆◆ Hasami ware handling at our shop ◆◆  
Fruit series

[Imari ware / Saga] Spring kiln city

Early April

Okawachiyama is known as "Hiyo no Sato".About 30 kilns store new works.20 to 50% cheaper than usual.

The "Nabeshima Clan Kiln Autumn Festival" is scheduled to be held in early November.

Location: Okawachiyama, Imari City

inquiry: Imari Nabeshima Yaki Cooperative

[Karatsu ware / Saga] Karatsu Yakimon Festival

Late April to early May

April 29 (Gold) to May 5 (Wood), 2022

Various events are held in the central area of Karatsu city.

Kakuuchi, where a potter serves as the host, a machinaka exhibition and sale, and a collaboration between a restaurant and a potter.

Location: Karatsu City (The tourist association in front of Karatsu Station is displayed on a map)

Inquiries: Karatsu Tourism Association Karatsu Yakimon Festival Executive Committee
Tel. 080-2733-6589

[Koishiwara ware / Fukuoka] Folk pottery village festival

May (Spring Folk Pottery Village Festival) and October (Autumn Folk Pottery Village Festival)

May 1 (Sun) - 8 (Sun), 2022

Koishiwara ware and Takatori ware pottery market.At about 50 kilns in the Koishiwara area, it is sold at 20% cheaper than usual during the period.Many people visit from all over the country.

Source: From Toho Style, the official tourist information site of Toho Village

Location: Kiln in Koishiwara area

Inquiries: Mintomura Festival Steering Committee (Toho Village Chamber of Commerce)
Tel. 0946-74-2121

[Onta ware / Oita] Onta ware folk pottery festival

Second Saturday and Sunday of October

All 10 kilns participated and brewed items for this day. Many people visit because it is cheaper than the market.

Location: Onta Pottery Village
Inquiries: Hita City Tourism Association

Onta ware cooperative

◆◆ Handling of Onta ware at our shop ◆◆  
Sakamoto Yuichi Kiln

[Tsuboya ware / Okinawa] Tsuboya pottery festival

Held in November

Approximately 25 stores have opened at Naha City Tsuboya Elementary School. Sales of Tsuboya ware and pottery experience.
Approximately 10,000 people visit and show a lively atmosphere.

Location: Naha City Tsuboya Elementary School
inquiry: Tsuboya Pottery Business Cooperative  

Tel. 098-866-3284

[Satsuma ware / Kagoshima] Miyama kiln festival

Early November

Walk around each of the more than 10 kilns in the Miyama district, the birthplace of Satsuma ware.
A popular pottery market visited by about 100,000 people every year.

source: Kagoshima Prefecture PR / Tourism Strategy Department Tourism Division Public Interest Incorporated Association Kagoshima Prefecture Tourism Federation Site Than

Location: Miyama district kiln

Inquiries: Miyama Kiln Festival Executive Committee
Hioki City Tourism Association
Tel. 099-274-2112

[Ryumonji-yaki / Kagoshima] Ryumonji-yaki Pottery Festival

December 2nd Gold, Earth and Sun

Ryumonji Pottery Festival

Held at the Ryumonji Yaki Business Association kiln. Approximately 10,000 items are sold at a discount of 20%.


A pottery tour guided by a master craftsman and a workshop by a potter will be held.

Pottery lovers gather and there are many fans.

Location: Ryumonji Yaki Business Association Kiln
inquiry:Ryumonji Yaki Business Association
Tel. 0995-62-2549


[Tobe ware / Ehime] Tobe ware festival

3rd Saturday and Sunday of April 

April 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun), 2022

It is held at Tobe-cho Tokaido Yutori Park (1st venue), Tobe-yaki Traditional Industry Hall, and Tobe-cho Chamber of Commerce (2nd venue) in Tobe-cho, and is visited by nearly 100,000 visitors every year. At the "Tobe Yakidai Spot Sale" held at the gymnasium of Yutori Park, about 100,000 works are offered at a discount of up to 8 from the market.

New exhibitions will be held at the second venue.

The "Autumn Tobe Ware Festival" is scheduled to be held on the first Saturday and Sunday of November.

Location: Tobecho Tokaido Yutori Park (Venue 1)

inquiry: Tobe Town Tourism Association

Tobe Town Regional Promotion Division
Tel. 089-962-7288

◆◆ Tobe ware handling at our shop ◆◆  
Pottery kiln (Nagato Pottery Works)

[Hagi Yaki / Yamaguchi] Hagi Yaki Festival

Early May

May 1 (Sun) - 5 (Wood), 2022

Held at the Hagi Civic Gymnasium, about 50 kilns and wholesale retailers opened and held a big spot sale.

There are about 30,000 visitors each year. There is also a potter's wheel experience.

Location: Hagi City Gymnasium
inquiry: Hagi Yaki Festival Executive Committee (inside the Hagi Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Tel. 0838-25-3333

[Bizen ware / Okayama] Bizen ware festival

3rd Sunday of October and Saturday the day before

Held around Bizen-yaki Traditional Industry Center and JR Ako Line Imbe Station and in the Ibe area.

Kilns and writers' shops are lined up along the old Sanyo-dori.The special venue, Tent Village, has about 40 stores. There is also a potter's wheel experience.It is crowded with about 100,000 people every two days.


Source: From the Okayama Prefecture Tourism Federation website

Location: Bizen-yaki Traditional Industry Center
inquiry: Okayama Prefecture Bizen Potter's Association
Tel. 0869-64-1001

[Otani ware / Tokushima] Otani ware kiln festival

Held on the second Saturday and Sunday of November.

Held in the precincts of Torinin in Osacho, Naruto City.

Six kilns gather and sell on the spot at a discount of about 2-3.Many people come from outside the prefecture.

Source: From the Cannabis Street Chamber of Commerce website

place: Torin-in precincts
Cannabis Street Merchants Union
Tel: 088-689-0204

Kinki / Chubu (first half year)

* Since there are many venues in Kinki and Chubu, the first half and the second half are listed separately.

[Mino ware / Gifu] Tajimi pottery festival

Second Sunday in April and Saturday the day before 

April 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun), 2022

It will be held in the Honmachi Oribe Street district of Tajimi City.Pottery dealers in Tajimi line up the shops on the main street and sell Mino ware at a bargain price.
150,000 people visit in two days.

Source: From the Tajimi City website

Location: Honmachi Oribe Street District, Tajimi City
Inquiries: Tajimi Pottery Festival Executive Committee (Tajimi Pottery Wholesale Commercial Association)
Tel: 0572-25-5588
Tajimi City Site

◆◆ Handling in our shop Mino ware & writers in the Tono area ◆◆
Kasumi Fujimura
Yukari Nakagawa
Kaneko Kohyo Pottery
Adachi no Potari
Shiho Tanaka
Yutaka Ito
Ihoshiro kiln

[Shigaraki ware / Shiga] Shigaraki writer market

Early May

May 2nd (Month) to 5th (Wood), 2022

Held at Shiga Prefectural Ceramics Forest / Sun Plaza.

Nearly 180 ceramic artists and writers from all over the country gathered to exhibit. One of the prefecture's leading events visited by about 50,000 people in four days.

Source: Shigaraki Writer City Executive Committee

Location: Shiga Prefectural Ceramics Forest / Sun Plaza
inquiry:Shigaraki Writer City Executive Committee

◆◆ Handling at our shop Shigaraki writer ◆◆
Furuya Ceramics Factory
Masanori Yamamoto
Hiroe Yamada
Yasumi Kobo

[Iga ware / Mie] Fresh green Iga ware pottery market

Early May 

Kilns line up from the traditional industry hall to Haseen.

Many people come from outside the prefecture.At the venue, "Iga Yaki Traditional Industry Hall," admission is free during the period.

Source: From the official website of the Tourism Strategy Division, Industrial Promotion Department, Iga City Hall

Location: Around the Traditional Industry Hall
inquiry: Iga ware promotion cooperative   Official FB
Tel: 0595-44-1701

◆◆ Iga writer at our shop ◆◆
Yoshimura Naoko
Iga ware kiln former Haseen

[Mino ware / Gifu] Toki Mino ware festival

Early May every year

3rd (fire) to 5th (wood), 2022

Held at Oribe Hills (Toki Mino Ware Wholesale Commercial Complex) in Toki City.
Toki City has the largest production of ceramics in Japan.It is a large pottery market with 300 stores.

About 3 million people visit every year.The "Ceramic artist / craftsman tent market" that lasts about 1km and the spot sale offices are lined up.

place:Oribe Hills
Inquiries: Cooperative Toki Mino Ware Wholesale Center
Tel. 0572-55-1322

◆◆ Stroll around the pottery production area ◆◆
Recommended shops & places in Tono district (Gifu / Tajimi)  Here

[Kutani ware / Ishikawa] Kutani tea bowl festival

Early May

Held at the special venue of Kutani Ware Ceramics Village in Nomi City. Nearly 50 kilns and wholesalers line up every year.
About 200,000 people visit. The price is 20% to 50% off the market. You can also enjoy local gourmet food.

Venue: Kutani Ware Ceramics Village Special Venue

inquiry: Kutani Tea Bowl Festival Steering Committee (Kutani Ceramics Commerce and Industry Cooperative, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Tel: 0761-58-6656

[Banko ware / Mie] Banko Festival

2nd day of May

May 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun), 2022

(Scheduled to be held at Yokkaichi Dome in 2022)

There are about 40 kilns and shops in the pottery market with a history of more than 50 years. Since it is sold at a price close to half the price of the market, it is crowded with nearly 100,000 people every year.

inquiry: Manko Ceramic Wholesale Commercial Cooperative * This is the site of Manko no Sato Kaikan operated by the union.

[Echizen Yaki / Fukui] Echizen Ceramics Festival

Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday of May

Held at Echizen Pottery Village. Approximately 60 kilns in the prefecture source new works. More than 100,000 people visit every year to sell Echizen ware at a bargain price.

Location: Echizen Pottery Village
Inquiries: Echizen Ceramic Art Festival Executive Committee (inside Miyazaki Community Center)


Kinki / Chubu (Late)   

* Since there are many venues in Kinki and Chubu, the first half and the second half are listed separately.

[Kyo ware / Kyoto] Gojozaka Ceramics Festival

Early August  

Held in the Gojozaka district of Higashiyama Ward.It is a historic pottery market that began in 1918 and is also popular as a Kyoto tradition.Not only local kilns and wholesalers, but also kilns and writers from all over the country have about 400 stores.A large-scale pottery market in Japan, visited by about 400,000 people from all over the country.

source: Gojozaka Pottery Festival Management Council From the site

Location: Around Gojozaka from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station (Kiyomizu-Gojozaka Station)

Inquiries: Gojozaka Pottery Festival Management Council
Tel: 075-541-1192 (Tape compatible)

◆◆ Authors handling at our store that opened ◆◆
Haruko Harada

[Seto ware / Aichi] Seto ware festival

Second Saturday of September and Sunday the following day 

Held around Seto City.About 200 shops will open along the Seto River and will be sold at a bargain price.
It is crowded with about 500,000 people in two days.The largest pottery market in Japan.


source:  Seto City Tourism Information Official Website Seto Marutto Museum Than

Location: Along the Seto River (Owari Seto Station)

Inquiries: Seto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ose Tomo Festival Sponsorship

◆◆ Handling at our shop Seto writer ◆◆

[Iga ware / Mie] Iga ware pottery festival

Last Friday-Sunday in September

Held at Ayama Fureai Park Spark Ayama.

Approximately 40 kilns and new works and limited editions by potters are sold directly by the makers.

Location: Ayama Fureai Park Spark Ayama (face-to-face with Ayama Furusato no Mori Park)

inquiry: Iga ware pottery festival executive committee

◆◆ Iga writer at our shop ◆◆
I visited Naoko Yoshimura's workshop!  Here

[Kiyomizu ware / Kyoto] Kiyomizu ware town festival


3rd Friday-Sunday, October 

Held at the Shimizu-yaki housing complex in Yamashina.A large pottery market that sells about 500,000 items.

There are also stores such as writer booths and eating and drinking spaces.About 60,000 people visit every year.

Location: Shimizu Yaki housing complex area
inquiry: Shimizu Yaki housing complex cooperative

Tel: 075-581-6188

[Shigaraki ware / Shiga] Ceramic art market

2 days in September

With the theme of "meeting works and writers," creators living and working in Shiga Prefecture, including ceramic art, sell high-quality works.I am happy to be able to communicate directly with about 100 writers and purchase them.There is also a sales booth for delicious meals, and you can relax just by walking in the spacious venue with abundant nature.


Art Forest Official Website

Venue: Held at Shiga Prefectural Ceramics Forest / Sun Plaza 

▶ Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market 2020 Here

◆◆ Handling at our shop Shigaraki writer ◆◆
Furuya Ceramics Factory
Masanori Yamamoto
Hiroe Yamada
Yasumi Kobo

[Shigaraki ware / Shiga] Shigaraki pottery festival

Three consecutive holidays including October Sports Day

May 2nd (Month) to 5th (Wood), 2022

Held in the Shigaraki area.Approximately 30 kilns and stores have opened in front of Shigaraki Station.In the Ceramics Forest, a "ceramic art market" will be held in which Shigaraki and neighboring artists will exhibit. NHK's morning drama "Scarlet" is getting more and more attention.

Location: In front of Shigaraki Station and around Shigaraki Town
Inquiries: Shigaraki-yaki Promotion Council
Tel: 0748-83-1755

◆◆ Handling at our shop Shigaraki writer ◆◆
Furuya Ceramics Factory
Masanori Yamamoto
Hiroe Yamada
Yasumi Kobo

[Tamba ware / Hyogo] Tamba ware pottery festival
3rd day of October

Sasayama Town Hall Imada Branch (Gonda) is a pottery market with about 40 kilns.Tamba ware will be sold at a special price. Events are held at Suenosato.You can also take a walk around the kiln and see the oldest climbing kiln in Tamba ware.

source: Tamba ware pottery festival executive committee From the site

Location: Sasayama Town Hall Imada Branch
Inquiries: Tamba Ware Pottery Festival Executive Committee (Tachikui Pottery Town)

[Craft Fair, Osaka] Gathering of lanterns


Held at Daisen Park (Large Lawn Square), where the nature of Sakai City, where "tea ceremony" was raised from ancient times, is beautiful.Professional amateur makers from all over the country who have passed the selection of handicraft pottery, glass, woodwork, metal, dyed goods, etc. will gather.Fans from all over the country come to seek carefully crafted products that are not found in mass production.

Source: From the lantern gathering site

Location: Daisen Park (Large Lawn Square)
Inquiries: Light Shibito Gathering Executive Committee

Kanto / Tohoku / Others

[Craft Fair Aomori] Aomori Craft Fair A-line

Held in July every year.  

The largest craft fair in Tohoku.Craft writers selected from all over the country gather.
A fun event where you can enjoy local food at the Moya Hills Auto Campground, which is rich in nature.

Source: Source: From Aomori Craft Fair Official Facebook

Location: Moya Hills Auto Campground
Inquiries: A-line Secretariat (General Store Saborina) Official site
Tel: 017-722-8820

[Craft Fair / Shizuoka] ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade City

Spring and autumn 

Hokoku Shrine in Shizuoka Prefecture opened.It is held in the precincts full of greenery and attracts attention from all over the country. There are also fashionable and delicious food stores.You can enjoy it all day long.


Venue: Shizuoka Prefecture Gokoku Shrine
inquiry:ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade City

▶ I went to the handmade market held in December 2020 (postponed from autumn)! Here

◆◆ Authors handling at our store that opened ◆◆
Yukari Nakagawa
Nobufumi Watanabe  
Gokurakuji Garasu Kobo  
Quruli kiln  
Tetsuko Yoshinaga  

[Craft Fair Tokyo] Tokyo Flea Market

Twice a year * The next event is undecided 

"Tokyo Flea Market" sponsored by the letter company

In November 2019, the venue was moved from the previous Oi Racecourse to Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa.

There are more than 200 stores such as used tools, used books, used clothes, and miscellaneous goods, and more than 50,000 people visited, a record high. It will also be held in Kansai in December 2019. An event that attracts attention from craft fans.


source: Letter company From the site

inquiry:Letter company
Tel. 042-444-5367

[Mashiko / Tochigi] Mashiko Ceramics Market

Spring: Golden Week 

2022 is from April 28th (Friday / holiday) to May 5th (Sunday)

Autumn: Scheduled to be held at the end of October

Held in various parts of Mashiko Town in the pottery market that has continued since 1966.
One of the largest pottery markets in Japan, which is crowded with 600,000 people in spring and autumn.
In addition to about 50 stores, daily miscellaneous goods and fine arts are sold at a lower price than the regular price in Tent Village.The works of the artist are also on sale, and it is fun to interact with the creator.

Opening: From the Mashiko Town Tourism Association website

Location: Various parts of the town such as Jonaizaka

inquiry: Ceramic City Executive Committee (Mashiko Town Tourism Association)
Tel: 0285-70-1120

◆◆ Mashiko Pottery Market, Mashiko Ware, Mashiko Writer  Herefrom◆◆
Enokida kiln ( Satoshi Enokida   Wakaba Enokida
Kawajiri Ceramics Factory  
Yoshiko Kasahara
Shinobu Suzuki
Toshiyuki Haramura
Yagami Sayo
Hanako Sakashita
Wakasama Ceramics
Hana Craft
Yuya Machida
Matsuzaki Rei

◆◆Stroll around the pottery production area◆◆
Recommended shops & places in Mashiko  Here

[Kasama ware / Ibaraki] Kasama pottery flame festival

Late April (during Golden Week)

2022 is from April 29th (Friday / holiday) to May 5th (Thursday)

Held at Kasama Art Forest Park Event Plaza. More than 200 potters, kilns, shops, etc. gather to display and sell Kasama ware.
There are many shops of the creators themselves, and it is fun to talk with potters and writers.

Source: From the official website of Kasama Himatsuri Festival

Location: Kasama Art Forest Park Event Square
inquiry: Kasama Yaki Cooperative
Tel: 0296-73-0053

◆◆ The writers of Kasama and Mashiko that we handle are Here◆◆
Kei Kajita
Shinome kiln

[Kasama ware / Ibaraki] Living with pottery

Held from the end of October to the beginning of November 

New works and workshops by potters working in the Kasama area will be held at the Kasama Craft Hills special venue.
Not only ceramic art but also various handicraft experience corners.

Living with pottery
Source: From the official website of Ceramics and Living

Venue: Kasama Craft Hills Special Venue
Inquiries: Tokura Secretariat
email toutokurashi@gmail.com 

◆◆The writers of Kasama and Mashiko that we handle areHere◆◆
Kei Kajita
Shinome kiln

[Craft Fair Nagano] Craft Fair Matsumoto  

May final soil and day 

May 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun), 2022

Held at Agatanomori Park in Matsumoto City.

Our motto is to connect "people who make things", "people who want to use", and "people who want to make something in the future". It is crowded with many craft fans.

source: Go Nagono From the site

Location: Agatanomori Park
inquiry: NPO Matsumoto Craft Promotion Association

[Craft Fair / Kanagawa] Fujino Round Pottery Market 

3rd day of May 

May 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun), 2022

A pottery market held in "Fujino, the city of art" in Midori-ku, Sagamihara. Go around the studio and workshop.

The number of visitors is increasing every year.

source: Sagamihara Tourism Association Site Than

Location: Fujino's workshop and atelier (shuttle bus available from Fujino Station)

Inquiries: Fujino Tourism Association
Tel: 042-684-9503 
Fujino Round Pottery Market Official Website

[Craft Fair Chiba] Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair Ciba    

1st day of June 

Held at Sakura Castle Ruins Park.I want many people to know that many artists live in the area of Chiba, and I want to create a place for information exchange between artists, so I went to Chiba prefecture for pottery, woodwork, lacquer, glass, etc. Artists with ties gather and exhibit.

Source: Niwanowa Arts & Crafts Fair Ciba Site

Location: Sakura Castle Ruins Park

inquiry:Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair Ciba

[Craft Fair / Niigata] Sanjo Craft Fair

Held in June 

Held at Sanjo Pearl Metal Stadium.Sanjo City is famous for the hardware industry and is a place where craftsmanship is drawing attention from all over the world.
Many craftsmen and makers from all over the country gather to exhibit and sell handmade works such as woodwork and ceramics.

source:  Niigata Sightseeing Navi (Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association Than

Location: Sanjo Pearl Metal Stadium
Inquiries: Sanjo Craft Fair Executive Committee

[Craft Fair Nagano] Yatsugatake Craft City

Held in spring, summer and autumn 

July 8 (Gold), 9 (Earth), 10 (Sun), 2022

Held at Yatsugatake Nature Culture Park in Hara Village, Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture.
Approximately 130 handmade craft items have opened on the large grounds of Yatsugatake Nature Culture Park.

source: Haramura government office site Than

Location: Yatsugatake Nature Culture Park
inquiry:Yatsugatake Craft City   

◆◆ Authors handling at our store that opened ◆◆
Ruriame Kobo

[Aizu Hongo Yaki / Fukushima] Seto City  

First Sunday in August 

Aizu's summer tradition in the traditional pottery market that has continued since the Meiji era.
About 100 tents have opened on Setomachi Dori.It ends around noon from 4 am.

Approximately 30,000 people gather every year for a short time.

Source: From the Aizu Hongo Yaki Business Cooperative website

Location: Setomachi Dori

inquiry:Aizu Hongo Yaki Business Cooperative
Tel: 0242-56-3007

[Craft Fair / Miyagi] Craft Fair in Sendai / Morinomiyako

Held in October 

Held at Sun Mall Ichibancho Shopping Street Arcade in the center of Sendai City.
It is also fun to interact with the makers of pottery and everyday items.

Location: Sun Mall Ichibancho Shopping Street Arcade in the center of Sendai City
inquiry: Sendai / City of Trees Craft Fair

[Craft Fair Chiba] Wind from the workshop craft in action   

Held in October 

Held at the Nikke Colton Plaza outdoor venue in Ichikawa City.

Crafts and crafts rooted in lifestyles that have passed the selection will open.
Planned and operated by Nikke (Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.)

Location: Nikke Colton Plaza
inquiry:Wind from the workshop craft in action

[Craft Fair / Saitama] Living Tokoro Market


Held in November 

Held at the Aviation Memorial Park, a vast green park, the birthplace of Tokorozawa Aviation.
About 100 exhibitors / performers and about 10,000 visitors will visit.
Craft art, food and agriculture, music and fun events with the theme of "connecting, interacting, living and working".

Source: From the Tokoro Market site where you live

Location: Aviation Memorial Park
inquiry: Tokoro Market to live in

◆◆ Authors handling at our store that opened ◆◆
Yuya Machida 

Update Date: April 6, 2022
Due to the influence of Corona from this year, the situation of the event is changed, postponed or canceled.Safety first in everything.It is highly likely that it will change depending on the situation in the future.Please contact the event organizer for details.

▶▶ For those who want to enjoy the feeling of a pottery market at home
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