ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade City Scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th, 2022! (Shizuoka)

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  (Updated December 10, 2021)

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade City

Date and time: Saturday, April 9, 2022, Sunday, April 10 from 9:00 to 16:00
Venue: Shizuoka Kengokoku Shrine

You can purchase w or ks while talking directly with the noted creators selected at the selection meeting from all over the country. There are also fashionable and delicious food stores, so it is an event that you want to enjoy slowly while taking a break.

Exhibitor list (including past): Official page  
Held twice a year (April and October) throughout the year.


  366 Yunoki, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka 420-0821

10 minutes by taxi from "Shizuoka Station" on the JR Tokaido Line
10 minutes walk from "Higashi-Shizuoka Station"
5 minutes walk from Shizuoka Railway "Yunoki Station"
* Please note that the parking lot for visitors cannot be used on the day of the event.

I went to Shizuoka Handicraft Market held in December 2020!

table of contents:
Introducing the artist
Fashionable food corner that makes you feel better
2021 Next Event Information

First day
The first day arrived just before the closing time at 16:00.The visitors were sparse.
Originally it was supposed to be held in the fall, but it was postponed to December due to the influence of the typhoon, and it may be because it was completely dark near 16:00. When I asked an acquaintance writer, Maybe I was fortunate to have been blessed with the weather, so it's fine during the day. It was a great success. Also, it seems that some popular writers have already sold out ... Alright!Let's go to the right start time tomorrow!


the 2nd day
The second day of the final day arrived at around 8:30.The makers and the booths in the food corner are preparing to open, or some haven't started yet. First, visit the shrine.


The vast space in front of the shrine and the forest that protects the shrine are a masterpiece!


The solemn atmosphere of the premises and the peaceful space where the beautiful light gently shines will make you feel at ease just by walking.

The duck Garuko-chan corps is also basking in the sun.


A shop owner who likes shrines and temples.
I was able to start from the morning with a refreshing and comfortable feeling as if it was purified.

Let's go to the writer's tent!

After passing through the torii gate, the tents of the creators are lined up in a quiet and calm space. Well, the time of bliss begins. Let's hang out slowly.


Takako Ishikawa

Just looking at a simple and delicate work will make you sigh.He was such a popular writer that he was completely defeated at the same time as it was released, and the items were gone in no time on this day.

Fukube kiln

Mr. Fukube Kiln, who makes pottery for stoneware, which is one of the traditional techniques of Mino ware in Gifu prefecture. The retro atmosphere of Art Deco style is very nice!


Shuji Kodama

Kodama's booth, where a long line had already been formed from the morning. Despite being stylish It seems that Kodama's kind personality appears Only items that feel very warm. Apparently it was almost sold out on the first day, and it was set aside for the customers who came on the second day.


Maruyama wear

In Okayama, Bizen materials are mainly used to make antique-like containers. Mishima and the positive and negative engravings are astringent, but they are very modern. You can feel nostalgia for the vintage-style items with a slightly exotic atmosphere.


Yukari Nakagawa

Mr. Nakagawa's products produced in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture are said to be carefully made using masking tape. The world of modern retro tiles is stylishly incorporated into ceramic art. It was a great time to have a conversation with Mr. Nakagawa, who talked about the work in a lively manner.


► Mr. Nakagawa's container is also available at our shop. Here from

Asano help

Mr. Asano, who produces brass cutlery, woodwork, and furniture in Aichi.
The delicate shape and smooth texture of the cutlery is a dish that tastes better as you use it. He also carefully taught me how to care for it.


Furuya Ceramics Factory (Koichi Furuya)

Furuya Ceramics Factory, which is made in Shiga's Shigaraki.The powdered powder with white make-up is warm and the dish looks great. Actively participating in craft fairs This event was also crowded with many people. You can feel the texture of the soil and the taste will be enough to use it, so I'm looking forward to aging.

Furuya Ceramics' handling at our shop Here

Funahashi Tomoharu

A woodworker who is produced at his home studio in Aichi prefecture.The woodworking tools that are carefully created by taking advantage of the original grain and texture of the wood will become more delicious as you use them. Items that feel warm will make your dining table fashionable. Mr. Funahashi carefully taught me about the characteristics and handling of woodworking.


Natsuki Ogura

Mr. Ogura, who is making pottery in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, with a powerful yet delicate ho. The shade of the ho is very stylish with the shade of the ho on the white porcelain and gray slip (gray pull).



Take a break at the fashionable and discerning food corner!

Meal time while feeling the scent of trees and soil in a spacious space.The nicely displayed shops make it fun just to look at them. It seems that there were few restaurants that cook on-site due to the influence of Corona, but I was still able to enjoy the atmosphere of a wonderful event.

nogi farm

A nogi farmer who runs a cafe using freshly picked vegetables with a tomato farmer in Shimizu Ward.The pizza that was carefully baked in the kiln in front of me was so delicious that the sweetness of the tomatoes was so delicious that the cheeks seemed to fall off!

Daisy Coffee

A hand-roasted coffee shop with a store in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
In order to reduce the miscellaneous taste of beans to the maximum, they are carefully prepared and baked little by little with a high-temperature hand-cranked roaster. It is a clear taste that you can reset your feelings.

skywalker bakery&cafe

Installed in a quiet place a little away I found a cute muffin shop! It seems that he usually runs a bakery in Shizuoka City. Specifications include Hokkaido wheat, domestic butter, Amami sugar, and aluminum-free baking powder. It was a very gentle taste.


A shop where you can enjoy delicious coffee roasted in-house in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Offering authentic drip coffee.I felt tired from walking and my dry throat.

Originally held in autumn, it was postponed to December due to the influence of the typhoon. I think that the organizers also used their nerves to hold the event differently than usual due to the measures against corona infection.On the day of the event, the visitors enjoyed talking with the artist they were looking for and watching various booths while keeping a distance from each other. It was a really valuable time because it was a difficult time to "enjoy while wandering around" in the corona.


Thank you to the organizers and creators!


* In the case of rain, it will be carried out in principle, but there were times when it was postponed or canceled due to typhoons. Official Instagram orOfficial page We recommend that you check!


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