Hasami Pottery Festival will be held in the fall of 2020!

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Hasami Pottery Festival, the largest pottery festival in Hasami Town Unfortunately, it was canceled this year due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, local sales companies, kilns, and people in the city are squeezing their wisdom and holding various small- scale events that match the new lifestyle, such as by shifting the time and place.Because each one is a small festival, it's safe at this time of year.



The content of the event is

September 18-22, October 23-24, November 20-24 Scissors Pottery Festival
November 21st to 25th, Scissors Inter Highway Autumn Festival
October 24th to 25th, October 18th to November 3rd (Autumn Pottery Tour Week) Nakaoyama Autumn Pottery Tour
October 24th to 25th, Utsuwa de Marche

etc. It seems that there are various other exciting events.
Hasami Pottery Festival here and there Official site Please check at!

Instagram [Official] "City of Pottery" is also posted in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture.

If you look at the people involved who are looking for something that you can enjoy and do now, you will also get courage (without permission)!The owner wanted to go if the timing was right, but ... I wonder if it's a little impossible this year.I definitely want to go next year!

Why don't you enjoy the wonderful autumn season and infection control measures?

Shikiori shopkeeper Mona

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