Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market (Shiga / Shigaraki)

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"Ceramic Art Market" where only artists who are active or related to Shiga can open a store.It is a large- scale pottery market where about 100 groups exhibit every fall.
The spring "Shigaraki Writers Market" will be opened by those selected from writers from all over the country, but this is basically only for local writers.It is one of the pleasures to get excited about the creator and local topics and information.

Ceramic art market

Schedule: November 26 (Gold), 27 (Sat), 28 (Sun), 2021
9: 00-17: 00 until 16:00 on the last day
Exhibitor Information Shigaraki Ceramic Art Market Official site

* Postponed from September due to corona infection

Venue: Ceramics Forest  Official site
2188-7, Shigaraki-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga 529-1804

We will inform you about the pattern of the day of last year that the shop owner disturbed!
(Updated: September 3, 2021)


[For trains and buses]
From Shigaraki Kogen Railway "Shigaraki Station"

Get off at Koka City Community Bus "Togeinomorimae" or "Togeinomorimae (in front of Togeinomorimae)" (about 5 minutes)

One bus runs from Shigaraki Station to the venue every hour during the event  

From "JR Kusatsu Station"

Transfer to Kusatsu Line and get off at "Kibukawa Station", transfer to Shigaraki Kogen Railway and get off at "Shigaraki Station", 20 minutes on foot (about 75 minutes)

[By car]

From the Keihanshin area

Meishin Expressway Kusatsu JCT → Go to Shin-Meishin Expressway About 8 minutes from "Shigaraki I.C."

From Nara / Wakayama

Nishi Meihan Expressway → Go to Meihan National Highway About 30 minutes from "Mibuno I.C."

From the direction of Nagoya

Higashi-Meihan Expressway Kameyama JCT → Go to Shin-Meishin Expressway About 8 minutes from "Shigaraki I.C."

There is space for more than 250 cars in the parking lot, but on the first day it seemed that I had to go before the start of 9 o'clock to wait for the parking lot to become available.The owner went by car a little before 9 o'clock, but it was just barely safe ... (sweat).Every year, if the timing is not right, you can wait for 2 hours with plenty of time.It's open in the afternoon and evening, but if you have a work by the artist you're looking for, we recommend the morning of the first day!

About 100 writers gathered at the venue on the hill where the wind blows through. List of participating artists   (Held in September 2020)

It was said that the number of artists exhibited was about 10% less than usual, but the weather was blessed for all three days and it was a great success.Both the writers and the customers enjoyed disinfecting their own hands and shopping at a distance from other customers.


A lot of popular writers are also participating, and there is also a place where a numbered ticket system is used so that the booth is not crowded. It's just a little bit, but for your reference, I've picked up some notable writers.

Masanori Yamamoto

Mr. Yamamoto is making pottery in Shigaraki Town.I can't wait to see the delicate and carefully carved handicrafts. The food seems to stand out.

►Mr. Masanori Yamamoto's handling at our shop Here

Kosuke Uda
A nice gratin dish that seems to be useful not only for gratin but also for stewed dishes.I am making pottery in Shigaraki Town.


Mr. Furuya Ceramics (Koichi Furuya)
Located in Shigaraki Town Furuya Ceramics Co., Ltd., led by Koichi Furuya, was opened in a single tent in a deep space.There were many fashionable containers such as rust glaze, including the elegant and cute powdered bowls of the masterpiece, but the popular products sold out in a blink of an eye. It was lively and popular for all three days.

► Furuya Ceramics Co., Ltd. at our shop
Handling is Here

Mr. Yasumi Kobo
Mr. Yasumi Kobo, who has a workshop in Shigaraki, is a workshop run by his husband, Hayato, and his wife, Maki. Hayato made the pottery and Maki painted it.Using Japanese paper, the colors are transferred to a container and painted, giving it a taste like a handmade stamp.


► Yasumi Kobo Is handled in our shop Here

Work of the vessel (Naoko Murakami, Ryuji Shirai)
The booth where people gathered all the time and got a lot of attention was the work of the vessel.Shirai-san's delicate objects and Murakami-san's fashionable antique-style bowls and chopstick rests seem to sigh just by looking at them.

Yamada House (Yue Yamada, Shigeki Yamada)

A couple made in Shigaraki.The heart-warming container with cute children's faces and animals was carefully made and very popular. The booth was restricted to admission with numbered tickets, and by the afternoon of the first day, popular products had already sold out.

► Hiroe Yamada Is handled in our shopHere

Atelier No Megumi (Katsuya Tomimasu, Eiko Tomimasu)

A couple of popular writers who are making pottery in Shigaraki.
It is an item that tickles like a maiden.It was crowded with many people in search of a carefully made lococorim container.

him  (Hoya Kobo: Chiho Yoshida, sheep's work: Shoko Maeda)
Both are very popular Shigaraki writers.
Mr. Yoshida, who makes a container with a warm and pop texture, and Mr. Maeda, who is popular for the cute KAO series.The day was also flooded with customers.It was admission with a numbered ticket.


Takahiko Miyazaki

It is made in Koka City, Shiga.It makes me sick when I see the facial expressions of animals that are angry or surprised.

Maruban Factory (Mr. Tomohiro Matsumoto, Ms. Mihoko Matsumoto)
Shigaraki's kiln Motomaru companion studio.It is a very popular writer.His wife Mihoko's cute container makes you feel warm. It was a very popular booth during the event and was almost sold out on the first day.


I really enjoyed it in the bright autumn weather.There is also a food booth, and it is a very fun event where you can talk directly with the artist.
Please go out if you have a chance.

Shikiori shopkeeper Mona

▶▶ For those who want to feel like a craft fair at home

Even in our shop We also handle many writers and kilns who participate in the pottery market and craft fairs.There is also a one-of-a-kind item that can only be found in the pottery market, so please take a look if you like! ▶▶ Here from 
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